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Camden County warns residents about fake investigators visiting homes; suspects charged

2 arrested for allegedly impersonating county employees after NJ homeowners "did everything right"
2 arrested for allegedly impersonating county employees after NJ homeowners "did everything right" 01:56

GLOUCESTER CITY, N.J. (CBS) — Investigators in South Jersey are putting out a warning after two men are accused of going door-to-door posing as county employees.

Sandra Marti was making dinner with her mother-in-law Monday afternoon when the doorbell rang. That's when police said two men showed up at her front door claiming to be with the Camden County Clerk's Office.

"I'm not sure what their intention was, but for some reason they wanted to get into our home," Marti said. "It was scary, and the fact that they said we'll be back later made me a little nervous."

According to Gloucester City Police, the men pulled onto Chestnut Avenue in a landscaping truck, but knocked on the door of at least two homes asking to come inside to inspect the home for damages.

Marti said she immediately grew suspicious and asked to see identification.

"The one guy showed me his regular license, but he turned it away from my ring camera and hurried up and put it away. The other guy said I'm not with that department and I said that doesn't make any sense," Marti said.

Luckily, both homeowners refused to let the men inside. The suspects were later caught after pictures from home security cameras started spreading on social media.

"So No. 1, the Camden County Clerks Office does not have home inspectors," said Dan Keashen, the Camden County spokesperson.

Keashen advised residents to remain alert and vigilant. He also reminded people to always ask for identification from solicitors and verify their employment.

"We want [residents] to know we are not showing up at your house for really any reason unless it's in some kind of official capacity, or unless there's an appointment and you know we're coming," Keashen said.

"Do not in any way, shape or form let them in your home," Marti said.

Police said in this case the homeowners did everything right.

Both men were never affiliated with a landscaping company, and they have now been charged with impersonating a public servant.

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