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New Details On The Labor Day Weekend 'Made In America Festival'

By Pat Ciarrocchi

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- On Labor Day weekend, Philadelphia is hosting the "Made In America Festival" that will rock the Benjamin Franklin Parkway with nine hours of entertainment on each of two days.

For the 50,000 ticket holders each day, we've learned they'll hear a diverse list of artists performing from four stages. These stages will be inside a double-fenced in area, that wraps around the Parkway, starting at a 22nd Street entrance, looking west to the iconic Philadelphia Museum of Art.

When the "Made In America" producer, music mogul Jay-Z, came to Philadelphia in May, he laid out a vision for Saturday, September 1st and Sunday, September 2nd.

Sources inside the festival have revealed a blueprint for featuring 30 artists, including headliners Jay-Z on Saturday night and Pearl Jam on Sunday night. Both concerts begin at 9 p.m.

The venue -- even though it's on the Parkway -- will be different than any Fourth of July celebration you have attended.

A 200-foot-wide entrance will be constructed at 22nd and the Parkway with two eight-foot high chain link fences surrounding the area. There will be a 16-foot wide separation between those fences.

The fence perimeter runs along 22nd Street to Pennsylvania Avenue, up to the Art Museum, across to Martin Luther King Drive and then, down through Park Towne Place and back to 22nd Street. Traffic restrictions will begin on Thursday, August 30th and increase through the weekend.

Inside the arena, four stages will be built. There will be a main stage in front of the Art Museum, a second north of Eakins Oval, a third -- the only tented venue at the ball fields -- and a fourth on the south side in front of Park Towne Place.

Video screens and audio speakers will enhance and amplify the concerts for the ticketed fenced-in area only. Other free Parkway concerts included a speaker system that broadcast concerts up to City Hall.

Many meetings with police have produced a security plan, with concert security and uniformed officers inside the fence and an expanded police presence along the perimeter.

Concert goers will be able to enter the festival area, beginning at noon on both days.

The festival is being produced locally by Live Nation, with United Way agencies benefiting in part from the proceeds.

As many as 10,000 tickets are still available, with two day passes starting at $135.

Look for giant flatbeds rolling onto the Parkway, carrying the extensive staging through this week.

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