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'The Whole World Is Going To See It': Art From Nebinger Elementary Students To Be Featured On National Christmas Tree

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A piece of the Delaware Valley is headed down to the nation's capital for the holidays. The national Christmas tree display will light up in Washington a week from today.

And hanging on it? Ornaments from some of Philly's youngest and brightest.

George W. Nebinger Elementary students have been busy, and they're excited to show of the fruits of their labor.

"I did the LOVE statue," second grader Mathilde Klein, 7, told CBS3.

"I made the one with the deer and a state flower," Concepcion Escobar, 11, said.

Tree ornaments with a Philly and Pennsylvania flair. They'll soon hang on Christmas trees at the White House.

Second grader Jack Troy drew on his passion

"My favorite subject is history, war history," he said.

He gave us this rendering of a famous boat trip, with George Washington crossing the Delaware River. Being his biggest critic, Jack will tell you the boat needed a little work.

'One of my friends when they saw that said 'Are those men floating on a log?'" he said.

Art teacher Leslie Grace says she got a call from the state education department floating the idea.

"When I presented it to them - we are the only school doing this project," she said. "Everyone was excited, took it very seriously."

Mathilde chose the LOVE statue for one reason.

"Because I like LOVE Park," Mathilde said.

She added that the surrounding buildings were a challenge.

"Drawing windows and the buildings in the back and coloring it in," she said. " I basically drew rectangles with lots of little squares for windows."

She shows CBS3 some examples, saying, "As you can see, I drew a lot of windows."

Sixth grader Concepcion likes how drawing makes her feel.

"I like how it releases my feelings and I get to have fun with art and create what I want," she said.

Simple ideas transformed into sophisticated priceless works of holiday cheer - now on their way from Nebinger Elementary to the White House.

"I feel excited," Mathilde said. "Because the whole world is going to see it."

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