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Mummers Wear Green Ribbons, Lend Support To Shane Montgomery's Family

By Hadas Kuznits, Matt Rivers

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - The Philadelphia Mummers are joining in with their support to help find Shane Montgomery, the West Chester University student that went missing in Manayunk last month.

The Mummers are known for glitz and glamour, but they will be wearing something else on New Year's Day, as they do their part to help find Shane, the 21-year-old who went missing early Thanksgiving morning after a night out in Manayunk.

Albert Lancellotti, president of the Jesters New Years Brigade, spearheaded the effort to pass out green ribbons this weekend.

"Shane's been missing since Thanksgiving," he said. "He was a classmate, teammate, and roommate of my son Michael's and anything I can do to just help them raise awareness to help somebody find Shane."

Green ribbons are meant to remind people that Shane is still out there. Shane's uncle, Kevin Verbrugghe, brought some of those ribbons to the Jesters clubhouse.

"And these are a symbol of hope and that's what we have, a great amount of hope," he said.

shane montgomery family
In this photo from L to R: Kevin Verbrugghe (Shane's uncle). Karen Montgomery (Shane's mother), Albert Lancellotti (president of the Jesters New Years Brigade). (Photo taken by Hadas Kuznits at the Jesters New Years Brigade clubhouse)


Kevin says Shane's parents spend their days scouring the Schuylkill River:

"That's what they do every is they go out, and then when we're off, other family members, we go down and help the search."

Shane's mother, Karen Montgomery, was pinning ribbons on the Mummers Saturday. Her mood was sad, but thankful for all the support she's gotten this past month:

"You can't put into words a mom's heartbreak and my heart is broken. My son is lost and I can't find him."

Karen adds she hopes keeping Shane's name in the public eye will help bring a resolution to his disappearance.

Organizers say the response from Mummers has been great so far, so expect Broad Street to be flooded with green on New Years Day.

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