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Movement For Gender Equality Gains Momentum

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- The movement for women's rights reached a crescendo this week with the Blackout at the Golden Globes, and the one and only Oprah Winfrey giving a rousing speech.

But is the momentum enough to get actual gender equality?

The fight for gender equality is generations old and reached waves of success: first in 1920 with women earning the right to vote, and then in the 60s and 70s with the women's liberation movement but then...

"Things plateaued for a long while," said Carol Tracey, who runs the Women's Law Project.

She joins Lynn Yeakel, founder of Vision 2020, and Kayla Watson, an outspoken activist against street harassment on Flashpoint.

They say the MeToo movement is now mainstream, and it's time for women to capitalize on the swinging pendulum.

"We have waked up the majority that we are."

"Women have been talking about this forever and we do not have support from men or from people in positions of power."

More on the third wave for gender equality, and a day of resistance to celebrate the Martin Luther King holiday Saturday night at 9:30 and Sunday morning at 8:30 on Flashpoint.

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