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Montgomery County Man Sentenced To Death In Killing Of Infant, Grandmother

By Brad Segall

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A Montgomery County judge has imposed the two death sentences that a jury determined were warranted for convicted killer Raghu Yandamuri who was found guilty last month of murdering a 10-month-old baby and her grandmother in a botched kidnapping.

Yandamuri continues to maintain that he didn't commit the crimes, but Judge Steven O'Neill told him over and over again the jury said you did it, not somebody else. He says they have spoken loud and clear and the court has no discretion but to impose two death sentences.

But on the other charges – burglary, robbery, kidnapping and abuse of corpse - he sentenced Yandamuri to an additional 31-62 years telling him his brutality is borne of a wicked heart. He told him that he used the trust of a hard working family to get into their apartment and perpetrate your plan of greed.

The death sentences are automatically appealed to the state Supreme Court.
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