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"Unauthorized third party" internet issues closes NJ school district

"Unauthorized third party" internet issues closes New Jersey school district
"Unauthorized third party" internet issues closes New Jersey school district 01:58

WILLIAMSTOWN, N.J. (CBS) -- Monroe Township Public Schools will remain shut down for a third day after an internet issue caused by an "unauthorized third party." Parents now are worrying if their children's personal information is safe.

The district first told parents it was a Wi-Fi issue on Monday night. Then on Wednesday, parents learned the tech problem is much more serious.

School canceled again in South Jersey district after internet issue 01:36

"There was an emergency closure and that's basically all we got on Monday," parent Kelly Johnson said.

For the third day in a row, classes are canceled district-wide in Monroe Township, New Jersey, following what officials call internet issues from an  "unauthorized third party," as described in a voicemail from the superintendent Wednesday afternoon to parents.

"These technical issues were the result of actions by an unauthorized third party," Monroe Township Public Schools superintendent Susan Ficke said in the voicemail. "The investigation and restoration remain ongoing."

"To me, it seems that they were hacked," Johnson said.

While the district has not said if any personal information has been compromised, they also told parents in an email that holding classes without internet would present logistical and safety concerns.

"Is it an IT thing or is it more than that?" Nina Seagrave said.

Seagrave has three students in the district and worries about what information is at risk.

"Their private information, social security numbers and phone numbers and addresses," Seagrave said.

She, like many parents, is growing concerned about a lack of details from the district and is now trying to figure out if her family is exposed.

"As the parents, you should be telling us more information," Seagrave said. "If you're going to say just wifi and then you are going to change it to third party and unauthorized, I feel like as parents we should have been notified immediately."

CBS Philadelphia reached out to the school district, Monroe Township police and the mayor for comment. We have yet to hear back.

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