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Mark Sanchez Compares Nick Foles To A Polar Bear

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- What does the Philadelphia Eagles' 25-year-old quarterback from Texas, Nick Foles, have in common with a 700-plus pound carnivorous bear from the Artic Ocean? At first glance you might laugh, but Eagles backup quarterback Mark Sanchez explained the analogy.

"The way he works and his personality---he's very mellow, almost like a polar bear, you know,"" Sanchez said of Foles on 94WIP Afternoons. "They look kind of deceivingly---like oh, he's just relaxing. But when it's time to play, when it's time to go, and a polar bear---it's his time to hunt and he has to go get his seal, that dude's not messing around. He's got this killer instinct and it doesn't show when he's off the field. It doesn't show when you're talking to him or you're in bible study with the guy. You'd never know this guy is a professional quarterback. Doesn't talk about it, doesn't brag about, but when it's time to play the dude just suits up and he can flat out sling the ball. He's got this little side-arm that he's working on pretty well---looks like a lot like Rich Gannon. He's a lot taller, but he's just got this side-armed throw that I'm just really impressed with. His cool, his calm, with the way he's working with the system he has around him and the talent he has around him, I think he can be one of the best quarterbacks in the league. He's doing really well."

Listen: Mark Sanchez on 94WIP Afternoons

Sanchez also told Anthony Gargano and Rob Ellis on 94WIP, about his first impressions on the Eagles.

"One, the talent jumps out at you right away," Sanchez said. "Then the vibe, the culture, the atmosphere that Coach [Chip] Kelly has built---whether it's with his coaches, with the players, the strength staff, equipment staff, media staff. Everybody is all on the same page. It's very encouraging. Everything happens fast, you just gotta plug in almost to the matrix, and figure it out."

"Once you get your feet under you, it's incredible how well it works. It's a well-oiled machine."

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