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'Make That Great Lasting Impression' With Thank You Email After Job Interview, Etiquette Expert Says

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Interviewing for a job is all about proving that you are the best person for the gig. But recently, a manager of a media company stirred up the Twitter-verse when she said she won't hire you if you don't send a thank you email after an interview.

Too harsh? We asked an expert.

In her April 5 article, Insider Inc.'s Jessica Liebman stated that in 10 years, she hasn't hired anyone who hasn't written a follow-up thank you email after a job interview.

She explained that interviews only tell part of the story, but a follow-up email shows that a candidate is eager, organized and resourceful. Social media quickly fired back by the thousands, one user writing, "It'll discriminate against candidates from backgrounds where they don't get this kind of job search training."

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Another user tweeted, "1960s called and want their idea back."

Some did show support, saying a thank you email is a "professional courtesy."

"You want to make that great lasting impression with the hiring manager and the best way to do that is with a thank you note," said etiquette expert Dorlisa Goodrich Young.

Young says there is no excuse not to show good manners after an interview. Start that same night with an email and then follow up with a handwritten note.

"Think about something that came up during that interview that you really want to highlight that might jar the memory of the hiring manager who might say, 'Ah that's the candidate I want,'" Young said.

It's a practice that people in our area seem to follow.

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"You think about what was said and then you send them an interview thanking them for their time," one man said.

"I think it depends on the job you are applying for and the feel of the interview itself," another said.

Liebman did write a follow-up Tuesday, thanking people for reading last week's article. She doubled down on her rule of thumb, adding that 95% of Insider Inc.'s applicants already write thank you emails and notes.

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