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Made Up Trade: Let's FInd A Way To Send Evan Turner To Cleveland!

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – For what seems like no particular reason other than the Cavs continuing to struggle, and the Bulls losing Derrick Rose, the Evan Turner trade engine has been working double time this week.

There have not been any solid rumors, but the fact that the Cavs (supposedly) desire a small forward, and the Bulls (in theory) need some guard depth, means that everyone believes Turner is valued by both teams. So let's play along for a moment.

In this week's made-up trade, Made-Up-Trade Commissioner Ethan Giles (@Giles1228) finds a way to get Cleveland not one, but two mostly inefficient wing players! Seems like a Clevelandy move to make.

Sixers Get:

Tristan Thompson ($4.1 Million, Two Years)

Alonzo Gee ($3.3 Million, Two Years)

Sergey Karasev ($1.5 Million, Four Years)

Cavs Get:

Evan Turner ($6.7 Million, One Year)

Jeff Green ($8.7 Million, Three Years)

Celtics Get:

Dion Waiters ($3.9 Million, Three Years)

Cavs 2014 1st Round Pick (Top Ten Protected)

Why The Sixers Do It: Why the heck not! Getting Thompson in return for Turner alone would have been nice, but throwing Karasev in there as a sweetener is even better. Alonzo Gee seems flippable if necessary, and the contract is fine if not. The Sixers are able to trade Turner before his field goal percentage drops even further.

Why The Cavs Do It: Nothing says panic like trading for Jeff Green and Evan Turner at the same time. And if anything can convince Lebron to come back, it's $8.7 million for Jeff Green and maybe $10 million for Evan Turner.

Why The Celtics Do It: Huge win for the Celtics, a first round pick, getting out of the Green deal, and a "let's give it a try" move with Waiters.

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