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Local Organization Protests Grocery Store In North Philadelphia

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- More than 50 members of a community organization in North Philadelphia turned out to protest a grocery store, Wednesday.

Members of the Richard Allen New Generation (RANG) protested the Polo Grocery and Food Market on North 10th Street.

They have an array of concerns -- including unsanitary conditions and the poor treatment of customers.

"We're not trying to shut them down out of business because this is a new owner," said Edna Devlin with RANG. "Because every time we turn around they got a new owner in our community."

They also say that the store is gouging for soda in the aftermath of the city's drink tax and that the store is not giving correct change.

"We got a nice business, nice and clean, the right prices," said store owner Luis Gomez.

Those protesting and the owner of the store did exchange information in hopes of meeting at a later date.

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