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Liturgical Items From Papal Mass In Philadelphia To Be Preserved

By Steve Tawa

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Now that the massive stage on which Pope Francis celebrated Mass is coming down on the Ben Franklin Parkway, organizers are making sure all of the ingredients - especially the religious artifacts - will be remembered for generations. They are in the safekeeping of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia.

When the Mass wrapped up, a liturgical staff accounted for all items large and small, from the crucifix and the Pope's chair, to books and other objects that were prominent in the temporary altar.

The event producer was Scott Mirkin, the President of ESM Productions.

"My guess is that they are going to be cherished and shared by the Archdiocese in some way for years to come," said Mirkin.

Mirkin says a large amount of plywood used in the construction of the altar, scenic elements and theatrical pieces will be broken down and donated to Project HOME, the homeless advocacy group, which will re-purpose the material.

"A lot of plywood. probably a thousand sheets of plywood," said Mirkin.

Also, Flemington Department Store, which put down 1,200 square yards of white and gold carpet, around the sitting area for the Pope, is cutting it into 4 and 5-inch squares. Co-owner Ted Resnick says the company is making them available to folks at no charge, or a suggested donation of any amount.

"The carpet is free. we don't want any money for it, but we're asking people if they could, to donate some money to St. Jude's Hospital," said Resnick.

Each will represent a piece of history. It works out to about 20,000 pieces of carpet.

You can make the requests to, or go to the Flemington store in Hunterdon County.

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