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LCB's Wine Kiosk Testing: So Far, So Good

Wine kiosks are to be deployed across the state later this year and Liquor Control Board officials say so far, so good with the testing. 

KYW's Tony Romeo reports two prototype wine kiosks were put in service in the Harrisburg area in June and if all went well, the plan was to roll out another 98 gradually, starting in the western part of the state.

But LCB spokeswoman Stacey Witalec said instead, they'll be deployed store chain by chain.

"Well, we're currently in discussions with the supermarket chains that are interested in having a kiosk, and we've decided that it's more efficient to roll it out by chain across the Commonwealth, versus starting in one location and then rolling to the other side of the state."

And even though testing of the first two has gone well, the expected start of the deployment, originally planned for late August, has been pushed back about a month. Meanwhile, the Independent State Store Union is suing to stop the kiosks, but a judge last week refused to grant the union a preliminary injunction.

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