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La Salle University Students Rethinking How To Get Out The Vote For Election Day 2020

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- La Salle University students are rethinking how to get out the vote for Election Day. They hosted on Friday a bipartisan panel of elected officials who graduated from La Salle.

"There's going to be a decision made. If you choose not to vote, if you choose not to participate, somebody's going to decide where the availability of resources are in terms of you having the ability to attend school," Rep. Dwight Evans said.

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"To all the students at La Salle, we care deeply about you," Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said. "Make sure your voice is heard, whatever that voice is. It doesn't matter which candidate you support or oppose, which idea you support or oppose, as long as you express that voice then the system is working."

The lawmakers also gave examples of how they're working in a bipartisan fashion.


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