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KYW Flashback: Angelo Bruno, the 'Gentle Don,' Found Dead Outside His Snyder Avenue Home

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Greed is never good - especially when it infects the mob.

Angelo Bruno, the Philadelphia Don with a gentle touch and a reputation for wisdom and restraint among fellow mob Dons, was always walking a tightrope between the heads of the powerful New York Cosa Nostra families.

They wanted a bigger taste of his Atlantic City operations - you know, loan sharking, prostitution, shakedowns. Then there was his own greedy crime family. They wanted the boss to get into narcotics. He declined.

Then late one night in March of 1980, KYW Newsradio sounded the "Bulletin" tone. Angelo Bruno, the "Gentle Don" was dead. He was found in his blood splattered car in front of his Snyder Avenue home. A shotgun blast to the head had severed the tightrope.

There are few secrets among men who are bound by ethnic loyalty and blood oaths. A hit man was identified. He was one of Bruno's top advisors and was dead in the trunk of a car.

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