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Jurors Return Monday To Hear Closing Arguments In Kane Trial

NORRISTOWN, PA. (CBS) - Closing arguments are set for Monday in the perjury and obstruction trial of Pennsylvania attorney general Kathleen Kane.

Kane did not take the stand as the defense rested without putting up any witnesses.

Prosecutors called about a dozen witnesses, and their evidence against Kane includes a recorded phone call of one of the men directly involved in the leak.

Prosecutors spent three and half days presenting their case against Kane. Their key witness: Kane's political strategist Joshua Morrow.

Morrow was picked up on an FBI wire-tap in an unrelated case discussing the package the night before he got it from Kane's first assistant Adrian King:

"Kathleen called me today and she's like 'Adrian has documents for you to leak out'."

He goes on to say those documents have to do with former state prosecutor Frank Fina putting a stop to a 2009 grand jury investigation. Morrow testified Kane was as he put it, "hell bent" on getting back at Fina as she blamed him for bad press.

Along with the phone call, prosecutors also showed text messages between Kane and Morrow that they say show she knew the documents were protected by secrecy laws.

Morrow is testifying on not one, but two orders of immunity as he admits he lied under oath, a story he says was concocted when he and Kane met for lunch before testifying before the grand jury investigating her.

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