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Jay Wright Says Villanova 'Can Beat Anybody'

By Spike Eskin

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – It's been a big week of upsets for Philadelphia's college basketball teams, with Villanova's win over Louisville and La Salle's victory over Butler (even though La Salle was favored).

Villanova coach Jay Wright knows victories like that mean more than just one win.

"It's good for us," Wright told Angelo Cataldi and the WIP Morning Show on Thursday. "When it comes to NCAA tournament time, really what's valued by the committee is wins over top 20 teams. For instance, for LaSalle last night to beat Butler, LaSalle could win 22, 23 game this year, but if you don't have some wins over top 20 teams the committee really won't value you that as much."

There isn't a stand out team in the Big Five getting national attention this year , but Wright doesn't think that means one won't end up going deep into the NCAA Tournament.

"I think college basketball is really changing," Wright said. "Especially with the leagues breaking up and everything. I think a team like Butler, having been to the final four twice in the last two years, shows that anybody is going to have a shot. I think Temple this year, they have a shot, because once you get into the tournament it's all about matchups. It's all about matchups. If you get the right matchups, you can advance and I think we're the same way. If we get it going we can, I mean, we just proved it, LaSalle just proved it. We can beat anybody.

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