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Jay Lloyd's Getaway: Coast Guard Memories

A four-year-long "getaway" turned into a career and a lifetime of travel for KYW's Jay Lloyd, who recently celebrated an anniversary.

By Jay Lloyd

CAPE MAY, N.J. (CBS) -- It's been sixty years since I first rode through the gates at the Coast Guard Training Center ("boot camp") in Cape May, NJ.  During the subsequent four years I learned to sail, did a lot of patrolling, and flew over two oceans and the Caribbean Sea.  And I became a broadcaster.

Today, young men and women are still arriving at Cape May to begin a major part of their lives in the nation's oldest seagoing service.  They'll acquire unique skills, develop friendships, and see places and action that will make up the memories of their future.

Their parents and relatives will visit Cape May for graduation ceremonies (top photo).  Many will see this fabled shore resort for the first time and will return often.

This month, the US Coast Guard celebrates its 222nd year.  Visitors are welcome to enjoy sunset parades at the Cape May base.  The next one takes place on September 2nd.

Or, if you visit Williamsburg, Va., a walking tour of the Yorktown Coast Guard Center takes you through the history of a young nation and its Guardians of the Sea.


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