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Jake Tapper On KKK Question To Trump: It's My Job To Ask Questions

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - In a television interview this weekend, Donald Trump refused to disassociate himself from and endorsement from David Duke and the KKK and, in the process, set off a media storm that continues to follow him into today's 'Super Tuesday' primary voting.

Jake Tapper, who conducted the interview with Trump on CNN, explained to Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT what his motivation was in probing the candidate on why he was not more eager to distance himself from the hate group.


"The Anti-Defamation League had put out a statement on Thursday saying that they understood that Trump had given some small and mild comments whenever asked about  the white supremacist group and individuals that support him, that they wanted him to do a full, unequivocal and full-throated comment. This is my job. I ask candidates to respond to things in the news and things that groups and people are saying about them."


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