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Ike Reese: 'Ain't No Fan Appreciation Day For Sleeves On Sunday'

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- All of the sudden, the Eagles need a win.

In two weeks the Eagles lost two games and their starting right-tackle, falling to 3-2 and dropping into third place in the NFC East.

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Perfect time for ex-Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford and the 5-0 Minnesota Vikings to come to town.

"We've lost two games, two in a row," Ike Reese said on Monday's Midday Show. "We don't have time to being appreciating Sam Bradford for winning seven games here and being a good guy. We've gotta go in there wanting blood, that includes fans. Boo his a**. Seriously. You don't make this place comfortable for him to come in and feel all warm and fuzzy. 'Oh they appreciate me, wave to the crowd!' Man please. Knock him on his a** Sunday. We need a win. Our season is on the line. Ain't no fan appreciation day for Sleeves on Sunday.

Listen: Ike Reese on Sam Bradford


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"Who should be more pissed off coming into this game, the Vikings or the Eagles?" Reese continued. "Who should be playing more desperate? We're at home, they're coming off a bye week being patted on the back, being 5-0, ice fishing what have you or whatever they're doing up there in Minnesota for the last two weeks. The Eagles will be back at home for the first time in almost a month with a bad taste in their mouth. The way I would look at it? Ain't no way in heck I'm about to let this sleeve jersey wearing you-know-what-it come in here and beat me in my house. That's the way I'm looking at it if I'm the Eagles."


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