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'I Was Really Scared It Was Going To Be A Tornado': Montgomery County Residents Cleaning Up Mess After Severe Storms

PERKIOMENVILLE, Pa. (CBS) -- Residents in Montgomery County have been working all evening long, cleaning up the aftermath of powerful storms that came though the area Wednesday afternoon. But there's still a lot left to clean up.

Strong winds brought down trees and power lines in Salford.

"Was raining and the wind was really, really rough. I was watching outside on my porch and I was really scared that it was going to be a tornado," resident Kathrine Lanpher said.

The National Weather Service has yet to confirm that the destruction left behind was in fact the result of a tornado, but residents say this storm was intense.

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Lanpher shot cell phone video on her porch. She told Eyewitness News the strong winds were brief, but it certainly packed a punch.

"There's obviously tress everywhere, the branches are down," she said.

And with this much to clean up, the community came together.

"Trying to open one lane. This is a little sketchy since it's hanging on the wires," Beau Benta said of a downed tree.

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Homes and vehicles were also damaged. As the community works to clean up their neighborhood, they're just grateful that everything that was damaged can be replaced.

"I'm glad no one got hurt," Benta said.

Crews will have to come out and survey the damage to confirm whether or not a tornado touched down.

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