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Grab your I-95 detour cup holder bouquets at this Mayfair flower shop

Mayfair flower shop selling 95 detour bouquets that fit in your cup holder
Mayfair flower shop selling 95 detour bouquets that fit in your cup holder 02:47

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As traffic headaches for many continue due to the I-95 collapse, one shop on Frankford Avenue is trying to bring a positive light to the situation.

Traffic on Frankford Avenue in Mayfair is busier now with I-95 detours in place, and it's the delivery drivers who are facing the biggest hurdles getting around the city without the interstate, said Stein Your Florist Company owner, Patrick Kelly.

"The one driver said it took him an extra hour on one [delivery] he had downtown, but besides that, everyone is working their way around it," Kelly said.

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Kelly is trying to see the positive in the situation. He said more traffic in the neighborhood has brought in more customers for businesses along Frankford Avenue.

"More people are seeing what we're doing. I had a lady the other day, and I don't know if it was because of her detour, but she said 'I've never seen this place before,'" Kelly said.

Stein Your Florist Company is offering I-95 cupholder bouquets to brighten up drivers' days as they deal with extra traffic due to the I-95 collapse. Nikki DeMentri/CBS News Philadelphia

That's where the 95 detour bouquet comes in!

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The idea is to put a smile on the faces of drivers, through a miniature bouquet that fits right in a vehicle's cup holder. 

"Flowers have a way of doing that and we're pretty positive about flowers," Kelly said.

Last week, the flower shop started selling the bouquets at both their Northeast Philadelphia and Burlington, New Jersey locations.

Kelly said his daughter came up with the idea not long after everything happened.

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"People should, in heavy situations, find that light part in it somewhere. Keep their hearts light," Kelly said.

As Kelly said, all roads lead to Stein Your Florist Company, so bring one of these along for the detoured ride – just don't forget the flowers.

"Don't want to leave them in a car on a 90-degree day. Take them in the office [and] put them back in the car," Kelly said.

The I-95 detour bouquet is not going anywhere any time soon. Kelly said he'll keep making them for both shops until the 95 detours are over.

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