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Wolf To Allow PA Budget Bill To Become Law

by Tony Romeo

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Governor Wolf made the surprise announcement Sunday night that he will allow the state budget bill on his desk to become law, even if there is no revenue package to pay for it.

The legislature approved a budget bill on June 30th and Governor Wolf has until Monday night to act on it.

Since the budget was passed, lawmakers and the governor have been unable to agree on a plan to pay for it. Absent revenue legislation, many people believed Wolf would at least partially veto the budget bill to bring it into balance.

But instead, the governor says if he doesn't get that revenue package by Monday night, he will simply allow the budget to become law without his signature…

"While there has been progress on a compromise revenue package that will sustain the investments made in this budget, in this bill, the time is now to finish the job," said Wolf.

By allowing the budget bill to become law, the governor would seem to be giving up significant leverage to get that job done.

But Wolf says he senses a "different spirit" in the capitol this budget season, and he wants to encourage that spirit of cooperation.

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