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Governor Christie On 94WIP Morning Show: 'Eagles Fans Were Yelling Unspeakable Things At Me'

By Andrew Porter

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- Most of the Delaware Valley isn't happy with New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie.

Christie, a vocal Dallas Cowboys fan, controversially decided to sit in Cowboys owner Jerry Jones' box during the Eagles-Cowboys game in Philadelphia, last Sunday night. Christie was seen high-fiving Jones throughout the game.

Naturally, the reaction from Eagles fans towards Christie was far from pleasant, following the Cowboys win.

But what about during the game?

"I will tell you, there were some fans sitting below Jerry's box that were yelling fairly unspeakable things at me," Christie told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show over the phone on Thursday. "But you know, that's part of the game."

Listen to NJ Governor Chris Christie on the 94WIP Morning Show


"If they want to take some anger out at me, I'm all---I have no problem with it at all," Christie said of Eagles fans. "They're passionate, wild fans and they wanna get angry with me, that's OK. But the one thing they can't say, is that I don't tell them the truth. And the truth is, I'm a Cowboys fan. I've said it since I've ran for Governor in '09, never hid it from anybody, and so, I don't understand why they're angry about me being happy about my team winning?"

Well, Cataldi said, they're not happy with you flaunting it on national television.

"Flaunting?" responded Christie. "I was sitting in a box!"

"You were high-fiving!" co-host Al Morganti exclaimed. "This was like we turned on the TV and saw our cousin robbing the Wawa on video! This was awful! Do you know how this played?"

morganti to christie
Al Morganti reacts to Governor Chris Christie's comments

"I don't care how it played, it's who I am," said Christie, who revealed he will indeed be in Jones' box again for this Sunday's Week 16 Cowboys game in Dallas. "I'm another fan. I was a Cowboys fan before I was the Governor of New Jersey, and I'll be a Cowboys fan long after I'm the Governor of New Jersey."

After Christie hung up the phone, the 94WIP Morning Show and CBS 3 Sports Director Beasley Reece gave their thoughts on Christie's comments.

"He manned up," Reece said. "He told the truth. He said it from the beginning. He was not a phony at the game. I just think, that's a stand up attitude and I like the way he handled it. I understand better now."

"The man is being used as the biggest good luck charm by Jerry Jones, I've ever seen," Morganti said.

"I don't respect it all," co-host Rhea Hughes said, "But I respect that he came on and talked about it, but I don't like it."

"He was right about one thing, if the Eagles had won, we wouldn't have even cared," Cataldi said.



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