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Gov. Wolf Visits a Philadelphia High School, Pushing For Better Education Funding Statewide

By Dan Wing

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania governor Tom Wolf took a tour of a Philadelphia school this morning as part of his "Schools That Teach" program.

Going class-to-class with city leaders, Wolf chatted with students and teachers at Kensington Health Sciences Academy, learning about the unique programs offered there for the more than 400 students.

While it was an exciting moment for the students at this specialty high school run by the School District of Philadelphia, Wolf says those students are a perfect example of a message he's been trying to spread via his education push.

"The kids who we saw today are here because they want opportunity, and that's nothing different than every other child in Pennsylvania wants," the governor told reporters.  "That's nothing different.  The only difference is that we're not giving (other students) the resources they need to follow through on that promise."

The school offers numerous specialized programs for students who want to become nurses and dentists, and soon will be the first high school in Pennsylvania to offer pharmacy technician courses.



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