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Gov. Corbett Speaks To Stigall Following Pa. Budget Address

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Chris Stigall spoke with Governor Tom Corbett this morning on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT after yesterday's high-profile budget address in Harrisburg.

Corbett discussed his prospects for re-election later this year, saying, "I can be very proud of the record we have accomplished over a very short period of time when you think about the job growth that we have."

The Governor also touted his efforts to save refineries in the southeastern part of the commonwealth.

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Gov. Tom Corbett

Stigall asked the Governor about Attorney General Kathleen Kane's refusal to defend Pennsylvania's law prohibiting gay marriage, to which Corbett replied, "The Attorney General should defend the laws of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. When I was Attorney General, I did so, and if she's not going to, we're going to defend the law and we'll have the courts decide."

Stigall questioned Corbett on the political differences in Harrisburg that are standing in the way of privatizing the state controlled liquor sales.

"There's a spectrum of Republicans with different interests, and clearly the Democrats are totally opposed to that [because] there's two unions that won't vote for liquor privatization, even though if you talk to them individually, they'd like to be able to do what you can do in Delaware and New Jersey," the Governor said.

However, Corbett did add that despite the difficulties he faces in building a coalition on this issue, he will keep pushing and he expects something to get done this year.

Finally, Corbett detailed changes to Medicaid, explaining, "We've said no, we're not just going to expand Medicaid and put them on an entitlement program in Pennsylvania. We are going to submit a waiver that allows us to reform our program…and take this additional class of people and put them into the private sector to allow them to buy their healthcare at a very reduced price, rather than create an entire bureaucracy…We've asked that, and if they don't agree, we're going to have a real battle with Washington."

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