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Gov. Corbett Speaks To Dom Giordano About Some Of Pa.'s Hot Topics

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Pennsylvania Governor Tom Corbett joined Dom Giordano on Talk Radio 1210 WPHT to discuss his Energy = Jobs campaign, funding for Philadelphia's public schools, a court ruling that struck down the highly controversial voter identification law, and the progress of an initiative to privatize the commonwealth's state owned liquor stores.

Corbett told Giordano that Pennsylvania has become a destination for businesses looking to establish a presence in the United States.

"We see a great deal of interest [from] companies in France and Germany, especially with energy costs in Germany, and hopefully, we're going to get them to establish here in Pennsylvania," Corbett said before touring a facility at the Pennsylvania College of Technology that trains students in the technical aspects of the natural gas industry in Williamsburg.

Corbett also addressed the safety concerns that have been raised about gas drilling saying that, "we're doing it with the proper safeguards, the proper rules and regulations that did not exist when oil was in Titusville over a century ago."

Next, Corbett reacted to a letter from the faculty at Central High School calling his administration negligent and belligerent in regards to his education policy, stating that there is a bill waiting in the Senate that would set up a commission to determine how to best treat all school districts.

"It's going to require people to sit down and make some very, very tough decisions," Corbett said of finalizing a plan that would settle the state's education funding issues.

Giordano posed a question about whether he will appeal to the State Supreme Court a ruling that struck down the commonwealth's voter identification law, with the Governor replying that, "I haven't made the final decision yet. I'm getting the analysis from multiple lawyers to take a look at that but if I were to guess, that's the direction it's going to take."

Lastly, Corbett commented on the push to privatize Pennsylvania's liquor industry.

"That's still in play and I would encourage anybody who thinks that we should provide the citizens of Pennsylvania the choice and convenience of buying in multiple stores…they need to let their legislators know. It's time to get this done."

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