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Future Budget Action Uncertain As Pa. Lawmakers Return

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) -- State lawmakers return to the Capitol Monday for the first time since the last effort to end the budget stalemate collapsed earlier this month. Just what comes next is uncertain.

After another failure by lawmakers to approve a scheme to fully fund the state budget, Governor Tom Wolf announced his own plans to raise cash. Steve Miskin, spokesman for House majority Republican leaders, pulls no punches in assessing the impact of that.

"When the Governor stormed away from the budget negotiating table to hold his hissy fit press conference, castigating and scapegoating the House Republicans, he basically took away any chance to bring this to a legislative conclusion," Miskin said.

J.J. Abbott is a spokesman for the governor.

"I'm not going to respond to that," Abbott said. "But I think the governor made clear…that he's going to take steps to manage state finances so that the Commonwealth can make its commitments."

Wolf has announced his intention to borrow money but Abbott says the governor's door is open if House Republicans want to enact a revenue plan.

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