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Funnel Cloud Reportedly Spotted In Camden County

By Todd Quinones

MT. EPHRAIM, N.J. (CBS) - A funnel cloud was reportedly spotted in Camden County Tuesday evening around the same time the National Weather service issued a tornado warning for Camden and Burlington counties.

As the funnel cloud started to form Jeremy Sutton grabbed his phone and recorded this video as headed into Mt. Ephraim.

"It was definitely a rush. I've never seen anything like that before in my life," Sutton said.

The winds toppled over a tree in front of Keith Kelly's home, tearing up the sidewalk.

"The whole second floor started shaking. The shutters, everything was shaking," Kelly said.

"It sounded like a freight train. It was just unbelievable," Mt. Ephraim resident Ed Parvin said.

A downed tree limb smashed out the back window of Ed parvin's wife's car.

"You can't imagine how scary that is," he said.

Powerful Winds ripped off shingles to other homes and tossed around patio furniture.

At around 6:30, within minutes, people say everything changed and conditions turned dangerous.

"It happened so fast. I told everybody to get in the basement. Stay under cover," Mt Ephraim resident Charles Copsetta said.

The vast majority of the damage is in the area of Jefferson Avenue and Kings Highway in Mt. Ephraim.

"It's been about a three to four block area that had damage done to it. The rest of the town appears to be okay at this point," Mt. Ephraim Fire Chief Brian Gilmore said.

Mary Crumbock was sitting on her front porch when she saw the winds pick up.

"We ran in the house and just as we did all the shutters started going around, the tree came down and it was like havoc outside. It lasted for a few minutes," Crumbock said.

No injuries have been reported.

It is unclear if the funnel cloud touched down. The National Weather Service intends to go to Mt. Ephraim to inspect the damage and determine if a tornado passed through the town.

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