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Former Philadelphia Police Officer Suing Meek Mill, Amazon And Others For Using Her Image In 'Free Meek' Documentary Series

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- A fired Philadelphia police officer is suing Meek Mill, Jay-Z, Amazon and others. It's all over a brief clip in Mill's documentary series "Free Meek."

One episode talks about Philadelphia's "do not call" list of officers who are banned from testifying in court because of credibility concerns.

Sequeta Williams was on the list for allegedly pulling her gun during an off-duty dispute at a North Philadelphia bar two years ago. She was charged and later acquitted.

Now Williams is suing Mill and the production team because the series uses her image.

Williams' photo was shown for just about a second in the episode.

sequeta williams
Credit: Amazon

"The DA's Office generated a specific list that has 66 names of police officers on it. There have been findings by the police department that the officers have lied to Internal Affairs, to other police officers or in court," assistant defender Brad Bridge says in the episode while Williams' picture is shown.

The lawsuit argues the image and narration would cause the average person to believe Williams was a liar and a dishonest officer.

There has been no comment yet from the parties involved.

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