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Pizza Rally Delivers Fun, Support Outside Famed Fishtown Shop

PHILADELPHA (CBS) -- Some Philadelphians take their pizza eating very seriously.

After a nationally recognized Philadelphia pizzeria announced it will be closing shop, and a local group held a rally..a "pizza rally" to show the some support.

Pizzeria Beddia is known for only making 40 pizzas, but who could blame them, after being named the best pizza in the United States three-years-ago by Bon Appétit magazine.

So as customers anxiously awaited their famed pie, Sam Wachs and the "The Pizza Collection" performed for customers across the street.

"We learned that local institution Pizzaria Beddia, who we are in no way affiliated with, they are shutting their doors next Saturday and we felt that pizza needs a voice," Wachs said.

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The group, on the corner of Girard Avenue and Shackamaxon Street, performed about 200 pizza-related songs, and really seemed to cover all the bases.

Their performance included everything from the musical stylings of Justin Timberlake to Macy Gray and even some Prince.

This wasn't quiet the exclusive as we expected, "We didn't know that KYW would be coming so we contacted K Pie W News Pizzadough," Wachs explained.

They even gave us a taste of their version of our KYW jingle

"K Pie W, news pizza dough, extra cheese," he said.

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