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Fastnachts Flying Off The Shelves At Nearly Century-Year-Old Bakery In Mayfair

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - It is Fat Tuesday, a day to indulge before the season of Lent starts tomorrow. As is tradition, many in our area line up at bakeries to get their fill of fresh donuts.

The line, out the door at Haegle's Bakery in Mayfair with the fastnachts flying off the shelf.

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This 87-year-old bakery is the donut destination for many, including Donald.

"Originally from Mayfair. I now live in Elkins Park but I make the trek and bring a couple boxes in to the warehouse at work."

Which makes him the most popular guy at the warehouse today.

"The fellas enjoy."

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Among the first to leave with bags of fastnachts is Pastor Wayne Zschech of Lutheran Church of our Savior in Haddonfield, New Jersey.

He is taking back 20 dozen of the sweet treats for his congregation.

"Just a part of my big tradition because you can't get any better fastnachts than here. They are absolutely delicious and the best is when they come right out of the fryer."

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