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Fantasy Football Edge: Ranking The Quarterbacks

By Matt Cott, and Matthew Schwimmer of Roto Analysis

It's been an interesting year at quarterback – Peyton started the year off on fire and has continued a tremendous pace, Tom Brady has struggled, and other options have done everything in between. This week we at RotoAnalysis are re-ranking the quarterbacks for the rest of the season. There's still time left for your fantasy team to turn it around with some great play from the QB position.

1. Peyton Manning, Broncos QB

Even before Aaron Rodgers' injury, Manning had to be the #1 option for fantasy owners. He's been nearly flawless this year and the emergence of Julius Thomas gives Manning four incredible receiving options. Even against a strong Chiefs defense, Manning is an elite option this week.

2. Drew Brees, Saints QB

Since his bye, Brees has failed to throw for less than 330 yards in any given week. He orchestrated a Saints offense to 49 points last week despite a far from 100% Jimmy Graham. Given the state of the QB position, there's not a matchup around where Brees would not be your starter.

3. Cam Newton, Panthers QB

Many shouldn't have been surprised that Newton struggled early this year as the Panthers wanted to limit his rushing carries and work him as a purely pocket passer. Newton has begun moving more in the pocket and success has followed. His ability to put up 30 points any given week makes him slot into our top 3.

4. Matt Stafford, Lions QB

Given the demise of the likes of Matt Ryan and Tom Brady, Stafford has been excellent this year despite only working with one reliable WR. When that WR is Calvin Johnson, it makes things a lot easier so look for Stafford to be worth a fantasy start each week for the rest of the way.

5. Tony Romo, Cowboys QB

"Romo" has a certain stigma to it, but the man has been the sixth best fantasy quarterback so far this season. Even better, his matchups the rest of the way are a cakewalk. The Giants, Raiders, and Redskins are all among the best matchups for QBs so it should be a nice end to the year for Romo.

6. Andrew Luck, Colts QB

Luck continues to impress, and despite one rough game against the Rams this weekend, he should be a clear top-10 option the rest of the way. T.Y. Hilton should prove to be a fine replacement for Reggie Wayne, and Luck's legs give him a few extra points each week with the chance for a rushing TD.

7. Nick Foles, Eagles QB

Since taking over for the injured Michael Vick, Foles has made the Eagles offense look like as good as the Oregon offense of previous years. With 10 passing scores in his last two games, Foles is a clear-cut fantasy starter until he shows any signs of slowing down.

8. Russell Wilson, Seahawks QB

Wilson has been a consistent and steady option all season long. Towards the back end of the top 10 all you can ask for is 15-20 points every week and Wilson is a safe bet to get you just that.

9. Tom Brady, Patriots QB

Brady finally had a breakout game before his bye last week, going off for 432 yards and 4 TDs as the Patriots offense broke out. Having Gronk and Amendola healthy clearly helps his fantasy value and Brady has a chance to return to his top-5 form.

10. Colin Kaepernick, Niners QB

Despite some weird game planning and fantasy struggles, we like Kaepernick to bounce back for some big games in the second half of this season. Mario Manningham returned last week and Michael Crabtree has begun practicing. Throw those guys in with an easier schedule and Kaep barely makes our top 10.

11. Robert Griffin III, Redskins QB

It has been an inconsistent return for RG3 from his knee surgery, with more turnovers than last season and only a fraction of the rushing production. Until his legs return to full health and he is comfortable running all over the place, he's a cut below being a solid every-week option.

12. Philip Rivers, Chargers QB

Rivers started off the season with a few great games, but has slowed of late. His 71.6% completion percentage is awfully impressive, but he also ranks 13th in passes attempted. He needs a little more volume and a little more upside to pass the dynamic talents of Kaepernick and RG3.

13. Matt Ryan, Falcons QB

This season has fallen apart for the Falcons and Ryan without Julio Jones and a healthy Roddy White. Ryan simply doesn't have the weapons around him to create much fantasy value, but is still worth hanging onto for good matchups and backup QB play.

14. Andy Dalton, Bengals QB

After a three-game stretch of greatness, Dalton has fallen back to earth with two straight terrible games. He's simply too inconsistent to trust in him as your every week starter.

15. Terrelle Pryor, Raiders QB

Pryor has been an unlikely fantasy success story this season, but remains more of a QB2 or backup option. His legs give him just enough punch to make him fantasy relevant.

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