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EXPERT: Life-Saving Checklist For Fire Safety

By John Ostapkovich

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) – Fire Prevention week is always in October in a nod to the Great Chicago Fire in 1871, and this year experts want to remind you of a life-saving checklist.

Scott Cohen of the Burn Foundation says this year's reminder is to have two ways out of each room.

That's step two in a six step program from having a house floor plan with doors and windows marked, so you can spot those two escape routes.

There's also a family meeting place outside, and smoke alarms, but Cohen worries about too much reliance on them.

"It doesn't protect you in any way. It doesn't diminish the fire, not like a sprinkler system or something like that. What has to happen is you have to hear it and get out. What we recommend is that people practice a home escape plan," says Cohen.

That's step five and finally don't go back in once you're out. That can be a killer mistake.

Cohen says it appears the vast majority of people say they don't have a home fire drill, and he doubts some who say they do.

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