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Exclusive: Sister Of Tacony 'Basement Of Horror' Alleged Mastermind Speaks Out

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Venus Weston believes her sister Linda Ann is capable of all the things police have accused her of and worse.

Venus was not just Linda Ann's sister; she was also her co-defendant in the 1981 murder of Venus's boyfriend, Bernardo Ramos.

News that Linda Ann had been arrested for keeping four mentally disabled adults captive only served to reinforce Venus's opinion of her. (read the latest in the 'Basement of Horror' story)

"She's dangerous and will kill again," said the sister from the steps of her home in North Philadelphia.

According to Venus, the two have a complicated and disturbing history.

Venus says she stopped talking to her sister years ago, after she believed Linda Ann assaulted a woman and then told police that she was in fact her sister, Venus. Venus was charged with the crime, but the charges were later dropped, she said.

Both Venus and Linda Ann served time in prison for first beating the father of Venus' unborn child and then locking him in a closet to starve to death. Venus now says she has little memory of the crime and accuses her sister Linda Ann of keeping her heavily medicated.

Venus says though she still loves her sister, she hates what Linda Ann is accused of doing and she would be willing to testify against her to keep her behind bars.

Reported by Anne-Marie Green, CBS 3

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