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EXCLUSIVE: Magnetic Car Sign Creates Stir For Mom In Need Of A Kidney Donor For Her Daughter

By Todd Quinones

CHERRY HILL, N.J., (CBS) -- A mother in desperate need of a donor for her daughter is now doing battle with her condo association.

Eyewitness News reporter Todd Quinones has the exclusive story from Cherry Hill, Camden County.

Libby Lisker might be considered a bit of a rebel.

This magnetic sign on her car doors is getting her into some trouble with her condo association, but she doesn't plan on taking them down.

"The rules are there for a reason, but I think maybe this trumps the reason," Lisker said.

The sign, "Honey B Needs a Kidney," is for her daughter Honey Bestic.

"I have some sort of auto immune disorder and I have had to have two liver transplants within the past 20 years and the medications that I take to keep the liver destroyed the kidney," Bestic said.

The 52-year-old is on dialysis and has been on a kidney transplant waiting list for more than two years.

The mother and daughter came up with the idea of the magnetic sign to try and find a donor to save Honey's life.

"Anything I could possibly do. Anything," Lisker said.

But Libby was told by her property manager the sign on the car violates a long standing rule prohibiting advertising on cars parked outside.

She faces a possible $50 initial fine from the Society Hill Condo Association if she doesn't take them down.

The property manager turned down CBS 3's request for an interview.

Libby could just remove the magnet every time she came home, but she says that would defeat the purpose. She says the magnet has already begun to generate some interest among her neighbors.

At least one neighbor has also put a sign on her car.

The family already has a Facebook page and printed out flyers to search for a donor, but so far no luck.

This sign gives them a little more hope.

Hope they don't plan on letting go of just yet.

"I think it's worthy of a fight," Bestic said

Where do you find a hero? I don't know," Lisker said.

WATCH: Condo Association To Allow Magnetic Car Sign Advertising For Donor Kidney

July 23, 2014 UPDATE: CBS 3 has learned the board at the Society Hill Condos voted to allow Libby Lisker to keep the magnetic sign on her car.


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