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Philly Pop-Up Weed Garden Celebrates Decriminalization

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) - Thursday marked exactly two years since the decriminalization of marijuana was implemented in Philadelphia.

To recognize the occasion, hundreds of advocates got together with blunts in hand at Eakins Oval and got high.

It was one, massive celebration of the ordinance signed October 20, 2014 -- legislation Chris Goldstein with marijuana law reform group Philly NORML calls a success:

"This is keeping people out of the criminal justice system at a time when we're having a national conversation of that very issue."

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He says having weed pop-up gardens like this one is a nice step toward full legalization:

"We do expect that in just a few years, gatherings like this will be just as common as the beer gardens are in Philadelphia as well."

That makes Lawrence Heenan happy:

"You can see that it's not going to be an evil thing. It's just a collection of people being themselves. We're not causing any harm."

He was enjoying the music, food and bud with his friend, Natalya.

"It's a beautiful day," she adds. "It's just a bunch of people getting together. It's ultimately what you want to achieve in the end, right?"

Tommy Harrison was glad to celebrate with some of his friends, old and new:

"There's a lot things we're moving in on, this is one of them. It's here in Philly, I live here, why would I not come out, meet a bunch of stoners, hang out, smile a little bit, share some weed?"

Police officers were nearby, but Goldstein says because people in attendance weren't getting out of hand, no citations were handed out.

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