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Dom Giordano Column: The Future, Maybe

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As I interviewed Congressman Ryan Costello about his town hall in Pottstown, the question that constantly went through my mind was why are conservatives and Republicans not attending town halls and challenging Republicans like Costello to back up previous votes and positions and repeal Obamacare? My theory is that people are tired of these guys and thought that the election of 2016 was the finale of their dedication to electing enough Republicans to finally do things like repeal Obamacare.

The response I got to my Costello interview was a lot of people saying what are we going to do to bring people into line? They know that voting for Democrats is not an answer. They threaten to sit out voting but deep down that is not an option. I don't see top notch primary opponents lining up to oppose Costello, Meehan and other area representatives.

The only remedy locally is to find at least one major figure to challenge a local rep and to join to defeat one incumbent and send a message to the others. In the near term, I think these representatives will be more supportive of Trump om tax reform. Ryan Costello is even running ads on Talk Radio 1210 saying he can't wait to get started on this issue.

The failure of these area reps to live up to their problems has also fueled more allegiance to President Trump. He is at least trying to live up to his promises. He needs to tighten up and focus on getting tax reform passed. He must treat this as a campaign that will determine his entire agenda.

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