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Dietz & Watson Hires Company To Implement 'Aggressive Odor-Control Plan' At Fire Site

DELANCO, NJ (CBS) – Since a fire at the Dietz & Watson warehouse in Delanco back in early September (see previous story), residents have been complaining about the lingering odor of rancid meat in the air.

Now, the company has announced its taken steps to combat the foul smell by hiring BioTriad Environmental to "implement an aggressive odor-control plan."

"Our cleanup crews have been working tirelessly, removing more than 300 truckloads of spoiled meat and debris from the site for more than a week now," said CEO Louis Eni. "And though that process is moving more quickly than ever, it has become clear that we must provide some relief to the families who live in close proximity to the fire site. That is why we have contracted with odor-control experts to deal with this unpleasant reality that is significantly impacting the quality of life for many people."

The company, which is based in Stroudsburg, PA, says it uses an odor-neutralizing blend of biodegradable plant extracts and water that's proven to be effective at landfills and other stinky areas.

BioTriad is expected to arrive at the fire site early Friday morning and begin treating the area. Dietz & Watson says neighbors should quickly notice an olfactory improvement.

Residents of Delanco and surrounding communities are encouraged to use the 24-hour Delanco Cleanup phone message center, at (215) 668-9749 and Twitter account, @DelancoCleanup for continuous updates. And anyone with specific questions is encouraged to email Dietz & Watson at

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