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Meet Didi, the special needs goat who helps calm pets down during spay and neuter procedures

Meet Didi: a South Jersey animal clinic's emotional support goat
Meet Didi: a South Jersey animal clinic's emotional support goat 02:15

HAINESPORT, N.J. (CBS) -- An animal clinic in South Jersey has a special worker who helps calm people and pets down during spay and neuter procedures. 

Her name is Didi.

She's blind and has special needs.

She's a goat.

"She just does so much for us and for our clients," Dr. Lori Cobb, who runs Ace of Spays in Hainesport, said. "Everybody loves to see her. We have some people come in repeat times with their dogs just to come see Didi." 

Dr. Cobb said Didi brings peace to the office during what can often be a scary procedure for pets and their owners.

"It's a little stressful coming in to have your pet spayed and neutered," Dr. Cobb said. "Didi helps with the peace, and she helps the animals. She's been a really great addition to our team. We didn't expect that." 

When Didi was born on easter 2020, she didn't have enough oxygen was flowing to her brain, and one of Dr. Cobb's vet techs had to resuscitate her. 

As a result, along with her blindness, she doesn't have a fully functioning brain, but she can hear really well.

For pet owners like Josephine Dantonio, feeding Didi a piece of food brings her peace. 

"It's nice to come in here when you're maybe stressed and then you see this beautiful, gentle animal just lighting up your day for a few minutes," Dantonio said. "Just adorable." 

Dr. Cobb said as Didi grows older, the clinic will continue taking care of her and giving her time with pets and their owners. 

"Come on in to Ace of Spays, we want to help spay your pets," Dr. Cobb laughed. "Come meet Didi. She's a great little goat." 

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