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94WIP Finds Safe Willing Home For Dez Bryant's Monkey

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Eagles-Cowboys part two in Arlington, Texas on Sunday Night Football.

There are an abundance of storylines surrounding this key divisional clash. But the one that has stole the limelight?

Dez Bryant's monkey, Dallas Bryant.

PETA has asked for the Capuchin monkey to be transferred to a sanctuary and Kari Bagnall, founder and executive director of Jungle Friends Primates Sanctuary in Gainesville, Florida says she would be happy to care for Bryant's monkey.

In fact, she insists.

"Truly, most people have no idea that the babies are literally pulled from their mother's arms, as early as three days old," Bagnall told Angelo Cataldi and the 94WIP Morning Show on Wednesday. "It is heartbreaking. Really, most people don't even know. And I can tell you with certainty, that if any compassionate person were to witness such thievery they would never sell a pet monkey.

Listen: Kari Bagnall on the 94WIP Morning Show


"We have a monkey named Monkers," Bagnall said when asked if her sanctuary would take Bryant's monkey. "She has raised four other infant Capuchins."


Bagnall further explained the danger of Bryant housing the wild animal.

"Monkeys are still monkeys," she said. "They're still wild animals. They should be in the jungle doing wild animal monkey things, not living in someone's home. It's dangerous for the monkeys certainly, but also dangerous for the humans involved because they have huge canines when they grow into adults."

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones expressed his affection for monkeys on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas on Tuesday.

"I am a monkey fan," Jones said. "I can stand in a zoo and look at them all day long and die laughing. My dad was in the wild animal business and had over 5,000 wild animals. And he always was, no matter what, he would hand somebody a card and say, 'Be sure and come out and visit my monkeys.'"

Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett was also asked about Dallas Bryant.

"I have not met Dallas," Garrett said via "Uh, I've heard stories that he has a monkey. There has been visual evidence of that."

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