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Details Still Elusive On Pa. Budget Deal

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa., (CBS) -- Wednesday marked yet another day without any details to be had on a state budget deal that the governor and legislative leaders hope to enact in the next few weeks.

At a Wednesday press conference, Governor Tom Wolf said "we have to be close" to a budget, but declined to put out what he called an "artificial date" as to when it might get done.

"I think all of us, it's fair to say, are working as hard as we can to make this happen as quickly as possible," said Gov. Wolf.

But in the continuing absence of details, it is hard to see the finish line in sight. Steve Miskin is the spokesman for the House majority leader.

(Romeo:) "Why should people be optimistic that it's going to get done here in the coming days?"

"Everyone's working very hard to try and reach the resolution," said Miskin.

Meanwhile, Governor Wolf says the administration has learned that it can release federal funds designated for Pennsylvania's cash-starved domestic violence shelters with the state now into month number six with no budget.

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