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Delaware State University President Dr. Tony Allen Commends Lacrosse Players For Keeping Calm During Georgia Traffic Stop, Search Incident

DOVER, Del. (CBS) -- The President of Delaware State University commented on the school's lacrosse team that was searched by police in Georgia while delivering the commencement speech for the graduating class of 2022.

Doctor Tony Allen addressed the incident recorded on a student's smartphone on April 20.

The women's lacrosse team was pulled over for a traffic violation last month when six heavily-armed police officers searched their bags.

Delaware State is a historically Black college and most of the team's coaches and athletes on the bus were Black.

The driver wasn't ticketed for the supposed traffic violation. In a fiery speech, Dr. Allen commended the team for keeping calm in the face of discrimination.

"Ever since they have told their story this week, thoughtfully and truthfully in media outlets around the country, they have watched the nation get behind them and encourage them forward. We should all be proud of how they recognized the moment," Dr. Allen said.

He went on to ask the lacrosse students who were graduating Saturday to stand up.

They were given a round of applause.

Dr. Allen called them out by name, saying they were all ready for "our changing world."

CBS3's Siafa Lewis sat down with Dr. Allen to discuss the incident on Friday. He says the university is filing a civil rights complaint over the incident.

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