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Corbett Not Afraid Of Federal Probe Of Sandusky Case

By Tony Romeo

HARRISBURG, Pa. (CBS) - Governor Corbett says he would not be afraid if the feds were to probe his handling of the Jerry Sandusky case and says people who accuse him of politicizing the investigation are guilty of that themselves.

Governor Corbett's handling of the Sandusky case while attorney general has become a hot topic in this fall's race for the next attorney general. Both candidates have said they will review the case and Democrats in the state legislature have asked the Justice Department to examine it. About the former, the governor says it's standard practice for a new attorney general to review cases.

And about the latter: "A separate investigation by the US Attorney's Office? They want to go ahead have one, let them have one. This is all politics being played by the other party."

Corbett continued, "It's all speculation. There's not one person out there who going to say that I told them, 'Hold that case up. Don't do that – I'm afraid of Penn [State]' Not one. Because it didn't happen."

The governor says, had he arrested Sandusky right away, the victim would never have survived a preliminary hearing one-on-one without the supporting testimony of other victims, let alone a trial.

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