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City of Philadelphia honors two tenacious women in skilled trades

City of Philadelphia honors two tenacious women in skilled trades
City of Philadelphia honors two tenacious women in skilled trades 02:00

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- As we continue to celebrate women making history, CBS News Philadelphia introduces women in the skilled trades who are bringing grit into the male-dominated industry.

"This is a man's job," Natasha Scott said.

Throughout her 25 years as a sheet metal worker, Scott has used that message as motivation ever since she started at 18 years old.

"Everyone who was at the roundtable that interviewed me were men," Scott said. "Everyone I seen coming into the building were men and I was so intimidated."

That intimidation turned into empowerment.

"Now, 25 years later, I can honestly say I can lift things in this place that a lot of guys can't," Scott said.

Instead of sheet metal, Tureka Dixon with the Union District Council 21, works with glass as a glazer.


"A lot of times you walk onto a job site, they will size you up and look at you like 'oh where am I going to put you?'" Dixon said. "Put me where you put everybody else. I'm fully capable of doing the work."

Now, these two tenacious women are being honored by the City of Philadelphia during Women's History Month. City councilmember Katherine Gilmore Richardson says she hopes by recognizing their work, others will be inspired to join the trades.

"Typically, we know active apprenticeship programs, only 9.2% of those apprentices are women. For individuals who have completed programs it's only 11.2%," Gilmore Richardson said.

It's a career that gives these women the tools to provide for their families.

"You're able to take care of your family, take care of yourself," Dixon said. "It's a career. It's not a job. It's a career. Just do it."

"Your size doesn't matter," Scott said. "You can't look at somebody and underestimate them."

Another great example of women proving with determination anything is possible.

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