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Chip Kelly Surprised By NFL's Ruling On Baker's Hit

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) --- The NFL ruled that Chris Baker's hit on Eagles quarterback Nick Foles was legal. Chip Kelly was surprised by the decision.

"I'm still under the impression you can't blind‑side a player whether it's a quarterback or not a quarterback going back towards your own sideline," Kelly told reporters on Wednesday. So I'll touch base with the league officials before we play again. That's news to me that that's a legal hit. I know the referee threw the flag pretty quickly and kicked him out of the game. I don't know if they're going to reprimand the official for making that call.

Baker blind-sided Foles after what looked to be an interception, but was later overturned. While Foles was slightly moving towards the ball carrier, he was not near the play.

"Everything we know and we've taught is you can't blind‑side a player no matter if it's a quarterback or not," Kelly continued. "And there's also a rule from my understanding is that the quarterback on the change of possession is a defenseless player. And that's in the past too. So we'll get it clarified so we don't get put in that situation in the future. But we're kind of hands off on the interception on the quarterback just because that's the way we've interpreted the rules."


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