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Cherie Amoore Sentenced After Child Kidnapping At King Of Prussia Mall

NORRISTOWN, PA (CBS) -- The 33-year-old woman who kidnapped a child from right in front of her mother at the King of Prussia Mall last spring will spend time in state prison.

Judge William Carpenter called it every parents' worst fear as he sentenced 33-year-old Cherie Amoore to 1.5 to 7 years in state prison.

Woman Found Guilty Of Kidnapping Baby From King Of Prussia Mall

The prosecution paints a picture of a woman who had told her family she was pregnant, who then enjoyed the attention -- including a baby shower attended by more than 100 people.

They say that's why Cherie Amoore took a 7-week old from her mother in the food court at the King of Prussia Mall last spring.

Amoore told her parents her child was taken from her after birth because she tested positive for drugs.

After she took the baby from the mall, she took him to her parent's house and presented the boy as if it were her grandson.

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Amoore's defense asked for house arrest arguing she was grieving as she had lost a baby, and when she held the little boy in the food court, she believed that child was hers.

A defense expert testified with Amoore, it's impossible to tell what is truth lie or fantasy - one of the hallmarks of borderline personality disorder.

More than 50 law enforcement personnel responded to the mall on March 31, blocking exits and searching cars.

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