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Biden Inauguration An 'Exorcism' Of US Capitol Attack, Says CBS News' John Dickerson

WASHINGTON (CBS) -- Two weeks ago, the U.S. Capitol building was under a deadly siege, overwhelming police and sending lawmakers scrambling for safety. Today, as Joe Biden takes the oath of office on the same steps that was overrun with President Donald Trump supporters trying to overturn an election, "60 Minutes" correspondent John Dickerson called the inauguration an "exorcism" of the Capitol attack.

"This is an exorcism of the 6th of January. What we're seeing today is an ejection of the insurrection and the showing up of the former presidents," Dickerson said. "Even the letter in the desk is, little by little, replacing and pasting over with, and this is the point of inaugurations, with the American traditions."

Dickerson added that Biden is "walking into his old office," but this time as the most powerful person in the world.

"He's walking into his old office basically and yet this time he's now walking to be the most powerful person on the planet. He used to be in front of the resolute desk, now he's going to be on the other side of the resolute desk," Dickerson said. "He used to have to be invited into 'the Beast' -- the presidential limo -- now he's its most important passenger. He used to have to drive in that motorcade down Massachusetts Avenue, now the commute is just going down the stairs."

"He was a player in his whole career in all of these buildings and in all of these places, but adjacent. And now, he just moves a few steps over and now he's at the center."

Because of the siege, some 25,000 National Guard troops are in Washington, D.C., focused on keeping the area safe during Biden's inauguration.


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