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EXCLUSIVE: Police Investigating 3 'Suspicious Fires' Inside University Dorm

PHILADELPHIA (CBS) -- Only CBS3 was there as Radnor Township Police and Delaware County detectives investigated three suspicious fires inside two bathrooms at a Cabrini University dorm.

Sources tipped off Eyewitness News Thursday morning, telling us it's believed they were intentionally set.

Angelina Miller, a junior, and editor in chief of the university newspaper, is distraught.

"Seeing things like this happen just really catches me off guard because our campus is such a safe community for all the students," Miller said.

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Police say they were initially delayed with their investigation, telling us nobody from Cabrini reported the fires.

"Radnor Township Fire Marshal received an email from a parent concerned about an occurrence that happened on the campus yesterday," Deputy Police Chief Chris Flanagan said.

Police say nobody was hurt, and there was minimal damage.

We're told the fires were extinguished with water.

What's interesting — investigators are now examining if there is a connection to racist graffiti written in this same Cabrini dorm earlier in the semester.

Sennia Vann went public in September about the hateful words left on her door.

The university community quickly reacted, condemning the racial slur.

But the police investigation has dragged along with no results.

Officially, the case is stalled and investigators say they're no longer looking for suspects due to a described lack of information.

Students, many now leaving for winter break, are desperate for answers about what's happening on campus.

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"I actually lived in East Residence Hall as a freshman, and it was a very safe environment for me," Miller said. "I just think it's very suspicious that everything is happening in the same building."

The university declined to answer specific questions or make anybody available for an interview.

They released this statement, "We are working with Radnor Police Department to investigate. As authorities conduct interviews and collect evidence, we have posted a Cabrini public safety officer in the residence hall as our students prepare for winter break."

Police have conducted upwards of 20 interviews and expect the investigation to last throughout the weekend.


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