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Buono Refused To Go Quietly In Conceding Defeat To Chris Christie

By Mike DeNardo and Matt Rivers

METUCHEN, N.J. (CBS)-- A defiant Barbara Buono took a shot at the party leaders who abandoned her campaign for Governor Christie's.

"We took on the bosses and the political machines that have defined New Jersey politics for far too long."

Middlesex County State Senator Barbara Buono said despite a lack of support from her party's leadership, she was proud of how her campaign for Governor stood up for the poor and disenfranchised.

"Tonight may not have ended the way we wanted it to. But let us never look back with regret. Let us not for a single moment allow one night to define what we did here, or deter us from the momentum that we have built."

Buono said party leaders cut a deal with Governor Christie to help themselves, not the state.

"The Democratic political bosses, some elected and some not, made a deal with this governor. Despite him representing everything they're supposed to be against. They didn't do it to help the state. They did it out of a desire to help themselves politically and financially."

Buono concludes, "Each and everyone of us believes it would be worth it and was it? Yeah!"

And it all ended in a chant, "Buono, Buono!"

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